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Discovered in the late 19th century. Around 1921, local young men who were exploring this cave discovered there was a waterfall deep inside.Afterwards, the cave was developed in order to improve the safety and accessibility.In 1955, opened as a tourist cave -Dai do Gankutsu Taki-
Three years later in 1958, a famous female poet Byakuren Yanagihara named the fall "Ama no Iwato no Taki". As she stood in front of the fall, she was reminded of the tale of Amaterasu Omikami from Japanese mythology and decidedto write a poem as well as name the fall "Ama no Iwato no Taki".A monument to the poem she wrote has been erected, and it is still loved today.

Ama no Iwato no Taki" or " The waterfall of the heavenly cave", one of the largest in-cave waterfalls in Japan, crashes down from 29 meters starting from a crack in the marble.Embraced by the 60 meter tall and 50 meter circumference azure dome, the waterfall changes its appearance dramatically depending on the weather.
Rokando is an 880-meter-long limestone cave that is open to the public. The cave continues beyond this point and there are at least two other waterfalls and a deep lake with no visual bottom. So far the cave is thought to be over 5,000 meters and is still being surveyed.

In addition, due to its unique location, it was used as a filming location for the 1977 horror movie "Yatsu Tomb Village", where important scenes that unraveled the story were filmed. The ladder used in the filming still remains.

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3 things not to be missed!

Point 1

Largest in-cave waterfall

"Ama no Iwato no Taki" or " The waterfall of the heavenly cave" is one of the largest in- cave waterfalls in Japan that falls with a roaring sound from a height of 29 meters.
The waterfall cascading down from the marble fissure in the shining blue dome is simply amazing.

Point 2

Experience Adventure

Get ready to explore! Move along the narrow path as you feel the rugged rock surface up close.
The dark and mysterious limestone cave is full of thrills and excitement!

Point 3

Become a Rokando-Meister!

You can enjoy 3 courses increasing in difficulty level!
Conquer all three of the courses, and earn the title of Rokando Meister!

For a safe and fun experience!

Please check the following information before entering the cave and enjoy your visit with caution.

In case of emergency in the cave!

Free Wi-Fi available in the cave. Follow us on Instagram before entering the cave so you can direct message in case you need our assistance.