2. Ama no Iwato no Taki

Japan's largest cave waterfall "Amanoiwato Falls"

"Ama no Iwato no Taki" , one of the largest in-cave waterfalls in Japan, crashes down from 29 meters starting from a crack in the marble and ends with a roaring splash right before your eyes. Embraced by the 60 meter tall and 50 meter circumference azure dome, the waterfall changes its appearance dramatically depending on the weather.
The famous female poet Byakuren Yanagihara was the one to name the fall "Ama no Iwato no Taki". During her stay in Sumita, she visited Rokando. As she stood in front of the fall, she was reminded of the tale of Amaterasu Omikami from Japanese mythology and decided to write a poem as well as name the fall "Ama no Iwato no Taki".
We hope you enjoyed the cave exploration. Actually the cave continues beyond this point and there are at least two other waterfalls and a deep lake with no visual bottom. So far the cave is thought to be over 5,000 meters and is still being surveyed. On your way back to the parking lot, please take the time to read the original poem written by Byakuren.