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Roadside station Taneyamagahara "Poran"

Along National Route 397, which connects the inland and the coast, the roadside station "Poran" is located at the entrance of Taneyamagahara, also known as Mt. Monomiyama. The roadside station "Poran" uses wood from Sumita Town and utilizes the traditional skills of Kesen carpenters. This is a rest facility.
This area is a plateau that was loved by Kenji Miyazawa, and is famous for appearing as the setting for his work ``Kaze no Matasaburo.'' There are promenades with motifs from Kenji Miyazawa's works, and you can enjoy walking throughout the four seasons. can.
In addition, the flavored chicken skirt steak made from rare parts of local Seiryu chicken is popular, and they also sell locally processed products such as koji nanban and pickled plums, as well as wood products.

Information 30-39 Kaizawa, Setamai, Sumita-machi, Kesen-gun, Iwate Prefecture
TEL: 0197-38-2215
Hours 9:00〜18:00
※During the winter season (Nov-Mar) until 17:00
ope n all year round
Others Parking available: 40 regular cars, 5 large cars

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